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I am so grateful to have found Diana.  Diana was  instrumental in helping me heal from my first Crohn’s flare.  While my gastrointerologist was helpful in diagnosing and assessing my progress, with Diana’s help I was able to heal. Diana helped me to fine tune what I was eating based on an AIP protocol,  and encouraged me to seek nutrient dense foods, optimize my sleep, and reduce stress. She offered recommendations for supplements that were appropriate for my symptoms and diagnosis.  Diana made it easy to schedule consultations, listened attentively and offered real and sustainable guidance. Within four months,  I went from having numerous ulcers to NONE.  While I still have some symptoms, I wholeheartedly attribute this amazing progress to modifying my diet and following Diana’s guidance. I cannot thank Diana enough!

Jill D.
Topsfield, MA

     At the end of my Senior year in high school, conveniently around prom and graduation, I developed severe acne on my forehead and cheeks. It was unlike anything I had experienced before and did not know what measures to take. I visited a dermatologist but did not see the results that I was looking for. The topical lotions made my skin extremely dry and the acne was getting worse, not better. In addition to my acne, I was struggling to gain weight and improve my energy levels. Being underweight most of my life, I had meet with a nutritionist several times who advised me to eat simple carbohydrates for energy and weight gain. This diet did not result in either desired results.

I visited Diana Rodgers for the first time in late summer, before leaving for college. First I kept a food diary recording what I ate, when and how I felt after eating. As a result of the test, we realized there was a pattern of fatigue after most meals and snacks.  Later we met in person to review my food diary and then did a series of tests in order to see how different parts of my body were responding to the foods I was eating. From this study, Diana designed a new diet rich in plant foods, protein and low in refined sugars, caffeine and junk food. She also recommended a series of natural supplements.

Within a month of beginning this new program,  I had gained 12 pounds and my skin had begun to quickly return to a healthy state.  Also, unlike many of my classmates, I now have much more energy than I did before. As a college student it is hard to follow a strict diet plan, so Diana tailored my plan to my lifestyle—even factoring the occasional treat!

Rachael B
Nutrition Client / New York, NY
I really can’t put into words just how revolutionary this whole experience has been. I told Diana that I was having back pain, my sleep was awful and I just felt tired all the time, often after eating. I’m a typical late 30’s guy with a stressful job and not exactly the best eating patterns in the world. I’m into being healthy, but I didn’t realize just what that meant. I’m strong and I love to work out, but I had a lot of injuries (how much fun is it to get old?!) and didn’t have the drive I used to in younger years.
I went to Diana and she gave me a very, very simple and clear direction for my eating and diet. I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say I actually prefer eating now, I’ve lost weight in only a few weeks — it’s really incredible — my sleep is better and back pain isn’t totally gone, but it’s less intense. I also just feel more alert and fresh, and I have new stamina in the gym. Diana gave me print outs, we even ate together, and she pointed me to a few Paleo blogs and books that have been total life changers. I’m very thankful for her insights and knowledge and honestly can’t thank her enough. I plan to eat like this for the rest of my life: I feel awesome!
Zachary T.
Nutrition Client / New York, NY

I came to hire Diana as my nutritionist this past year. I had recently had a full medical exam with my primary physician. I was unable to get the assistance that I wanted from my primary doctor about how to make the necessary lifestyle changes I needed to regain my health. Diana had shared some of her knowledge and expertise within the field of nutrition with me in casual conversations – it made sense to work with her to make the changes to move forward towards better health.

I have been eating Paleo (with some slight modifications initially) for the past 2 months as well as taking the recommended supplements – I am so happy with the results: both physically and emotionally. I have a variety of meals I look forward to eating, an exercise routine with a variety of disciplines (yoga, Pilates, dance and walking) that I follow and suitable supplements that round out the entire experience.

Diana and I check in regularly to see how everything is going. She offers great support and encouragement. I am working with her not to create a “diet” plan, but to create a “lifestyle” plan that I can incorporate throughout my life. I have confidence in Diana’s knowledge and guidance and feel comfortable recommending her services to family and friends.

Lisa K.
Nutrition Client / Hamilton, MA

     As a CrossFit coach and someone who has always taken pride in how I take care of myself, I thought I had a good handle on my fitness and nutrition – until suddenly I didn’t. Last summer, I went through several weeks where I was generally lethargic, tired but couldn’t sleep, gaining weight, and losing interest in training, and I didn’t know why. 

     I met with Diana, who spent the time to get to know my goals, habits, and lifestlye. She quickly identified a few areas that, despite my being health-oriented, I had completely overlooked and that were sabotaging me. She made simple recommendations that I could easily incorporate into my lifestyle, and within 30 days, I was sleeping better, had more energy, and halted the weight gain. 
     Months later, I’m still following the recommendations from Diana and my health and fitness have really found their footing again. 
Gregory S.
Nutrition Client / Acton, MA

I highly recommend working with Diana to anyone unsure of what path to take if they wish to dive into a career in Nutrition. Diana encouraged me to begin with a program that teaches science based protocols that allow you to assess and support your client’s health from an unbiased foundational perspective.

Speaking with Diana was a very pivotal point in my life and will never regret it. I was confused with what direction to take or where to begin. She encouraged me that the knowledge I would gain through the Nutritional Therapy Association as an NTC would empower me, therefore bringing incredible value to clients interested in addressing the root cause of their dysfunction. In addition, she helped map out what I should do after I graduated as an NTC since I want to become an RD- literally calming any fears and doubts and giving me the push needed. I realized that if she was able to do it while living a busy life, I could too! We are needed in this field that filled with noise and bad information; and Diana planted the knowledge, research and ideas to not only change my life but my family’s as well. I will be forever grateful that I made the investment to schedule an “ask me anything call” with her.

Diane Toiber

When I first met with Diana, I had been following a fairly strict Paleo/Primal diet and had lost roughly 50 pounds. I was very happy with my weight and in general my health had improved tremendously. Sleep was spot on; mood was elevated; intestinal issues subsided but I lacked energy.  When 3:00 pm would roll around I was still in need of a caffeine jolt and I could only workout for 10 – 15 minutes before becoming completely drained.  After reviewing my food log and lab tests, Diana had me increase both my carbohydrate (sweet potatoes, beets, potatoes) intake and also increase my fat intake, healthy fats of course. She also recommended certain supplements to help address some underlying issues.  My energy came soaring back and the need for the 3:00 fix disappeared.  My energy level also stays constant throughout my workouts and I’ve achieved some new lifetime personal records at the age of 46.  But here’s the crazy thing, I lost 10 more pounds.

Scott C.
Nutrition Client / Lunenburg, MA

Thank you for introducing me to the Paleo plan! When I scheduled a consultation with you, my goals were simple:

·        Eliminate eczema

·        Sleep through the night

·        Reduce inflammation

As promised, I followed your Paleo plan to the letter, took the supplements (I’ve grown to LOVE the cod liver oil…go figure!) and changed up my exercise routine to include CrossFit. The results have been amazing!  I’m happy to report that I’m sleeping 8 – 9 uninterrupted hours per night, my eczema is nearly gone, inflammation is greatly reduced AND I’ve lost ten pounds! As a woman in her 40’s whose children are all in college, reaching the “pre-baby” weight from my 20’s was always a hope in the back of my mind. I went from a size 12 to a size 6!!! It is now my reality thanks to you!

Karen D.
Nutrition Client / Chicago, IL

Diana gave me the tools and the confidence to change my life!  For years I struggled to maintain a steady weight and energy level on a mostly vegetarian diet.  I finally acknowledged that for all my efforts, I just wasn’t feeling good.  Within days of implementing Diana’s suggestions, I was feeling great!  Nearly 3 months have passed; my husband and I have both lost weight, improved our performance in the gym, and enjoy cooking and eating high quality meals together.  Diana and I already have plans to discuss what changes I need to make to support my health, both pre- and post-pregnancy.  I have never felt so in charge and informed; my relationship with food has absolutely changed for the better.

Sarah G.
Nutrition Client / Long Island, NY
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